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Transforming the ICT Sector

Collaboration for growth

To address the challenges of sustainable development in the information and communication technology sector, the Telecommunication and Technology Sustainability Working Group (TTSWG) was formed. TTSWG is a collaborative effort aimed at yielding joint action among key telecommunications and technology stakeholders through various strategic partnerships, policy formulation/advocacy, events and programmes. The Group seeks to address various national issues by mobilising human and material capital available to stakeholders in the focus sector to ensure sustainable practices that benefit the sector and the country at large.

Vision, Mission & Objectives


Champion a sustainable and profitable telecommunications and technology sector for national development.


Ingrain sustainability systems in the telecoms and technology sector through capacity building, standards setting and associating.


Proffer sustainable solutions to various economic, governance, social, environmental challenges in the sectors

Provide an innovative platform to engage stakeholders in the sectors

Position each industry as a sustainability focused

Encourage collective action among stakeholders in the sectors.

Board of Directors

Alignment with the SDGs


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What Are the Roles of Members of the Working Group?

Members are expected to support and participate in the activities of the TTSWG including Meetings, Mentorship Programmes, Conferences, Research Contributions etc.

What is the Financial Implication for Member Organisations?

There are currently no membership fees needed to join the TTSWG.

Whom Will the TTSWG Report to and What is the Governance Structure?

The Secretariat manages the affairs of the TTSWG.

The TTSWG is made up of its Board Members, Advisory partners, Members and the Secretariat. All parties contribute effectively to its activities

How are TTSWG Activities Different from CSR Activities of Member Organisations and What Does My Organisation Benefit from Joining the Working Group?

The TTSWG is the first Sustainability focused Group for the Telecommunications and Technology sector in Nigeria.

CSR activities are limited in comparison to Sustainability activities. Organisations get the opportunity to learn more about sustainability within their sector. They also have the opportunity of access to their different stakeholders within the Group.

The TTSWG gives organisations the opportunity to influence nationwide policies as it affects sustainable development. Finally, the Working Group projects organisations in a good light both locally and internationally, thereby giving them access to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

What Will Be the Difference Between TTSWG Guidelines and Other International Guidelines on Sustainability?

TTSWG Guidelines, unlike other international guidelines, deliver opportunities to organisations that fit the local context of their businesses i.e. they are developed by Nigerian Telecoms and Tech firms for Nigerian Telecoms and Tech firms.